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Rent Share

Rent-Share vs Owning

In just a few short minutes we can show you the math on the comparison between a rent-share program and owning the strollers and wagons you use at your facility.

For Example:  If you were to have 200 of our I-2000 Strollers in a rent-share program for one season that runs 125 days, rent them for $8.00 each keeping 50% of the profit, you would only make $800.00 per day, and $100,000.00 for the season. 

If you purchased 200 of our I-2000 Strollers, (your initial investment being $45,848.00) rent them for $8.00 each keeping 100% of the profit, you could generate $1,600.00 a day, and it would only take you 29 days to pay off your initial investment.  Now you still have 96 days left to generate a profit of $153,600.00.  In 3 seasons at 125 days each, you could generate $600,000.00 in gross revenue!

Our strollers are made of polyethylene bodies with stainless steel components.  Many of which have been in the field for 8 - 10 years, and the only repairs they have needed were the wheels replaced.  So, even if you had to spend $50,000.00 in repairs over 3 years, you would still make $550,000.00 in gross revenue.

When you consider the advantage of owning your own strollers, the revenue that could be generated, plus the minimal maintenance required, makes this a very cost effective choice.  We would be happy to discuss this option with you at any time.


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